In the course of my studies in the field of cardiac and muscle biology I realized the existence of a gap of knowledge on how protein synthesis is regulated in myocytes. Despite the fact that increased synthesis of specific proteins is required for disease onset and progression in muscle, only little is known about the dynamics regulating protein translation during pathologic conditions. My laboratory is working at unraveling the complexity of gene expression regulation and post-transcriptional control of protein synthesis in heart and skeletal muscle.

Education + Training


Principal Investigator

Federica Accornero, Ph.D
Associate Professor
The Ohio State University​

Center for Muscle Health & Neuromuscular Disorders

Research Lab

MS Biotechnology

University of Torino, Italy 2003

PhD Biology
University of Torino, Italy 2007

​Postdoctoral Fellow

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, OH 2008-2013


Louis N. and Arnold M. Katz Basic Research Prize

The Louis N. and Arnold M. Katz Prize encourages new investigators to continue research careers in basic cardiovascular science.  This award historically has recognized research involving biochemical, cellular, molecular and genetic sciences, and now includes whole animal studies, especially those related to the creation of new genetic lines.

-- American Heart Association

These awards recognize outstanding mentorship by faculty members who distinguished themselves in contributing to professional and personal development of graduate students:

  • Research Mentor Award, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program, Ohio State University

  • Melissa G. Piper Distinguished Mentor Award, Davis Heart and Lung Institute, Ohio State University